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We want to share healthy, tasty, creative snacks.

As this bootstrap start up continues to grow, we will give back by supporting local, sustainable practices and non-profits that contribute to the overall theme of well-being within our selves, communities and the world. As soon as possible, proceeds will be donated to Healthy Schools Campaign in Chicago.

2011 - Began Wordpress blog to share dining experiences with a strong focus on health and nutrition at that time. Desire to be “@TheNutritarian” solid. Plenty of learning, planning and experimenting in this phase.

Not to mention dreaming. 

2016 - The storm started. Thanks to really awesome friends, and mentors, plus plenty of yoga and meditation. Fast Lane to Health became a real business. Nickname turned LLC and the first legit customer order came from Chicago Health Foods.

2017-2018 - Love, sweat and time, including more of the initial steps helped clear some clouds. 

Six new delicious products were developed.